Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Sadra's response to Nagel's naturalism    M.Sc.    daneshmoghaddam, mohammad    2018-12-16
2    The Ontology of Woman in Transcendent Theosophy, Verses, and Traditions    Ph.D    saghi, akram    2018-09-12
3    Sepehri’s Existence Thoughts concerning Death, Solitude and Art    M.Sc.    naseri, mohammad    2018-07-10
4    mulla sadra and plato on love    M.Sc.    golstaneh, farhad    2018-07-03
5    Civil Society in Kant's Political Philosophy    M.Sc.    filollahi, ghazaleh    2018-05-15
6    A critical examination of traditional and non-traditional views of hell in analytic philosophical theology    M.Sc.    sharifzadeh, farzad    2018-03-13
7    Kierkegaard and Heidegger on Fear, Anxiety and Care    M.Sc.    keshavarz, mohamadjavad    2018-03-11
8    Extraction of Opinions of Mullah Sadra's Cognitive Psychology and Comparing it with the Gestalt School    Ph.D    shayesteh, reyhaneh    2017-11-26
9    The Position of Reason in Allameh Tabatabai and Kant’s Ethical System    Ph.D    ghollasi, maryam    2017-10-22
10    Nietzsche and Heidegger on the Critique of Modernism    M.Sc.    sargazi, sara    2017-05-30
11    Human dignity and issue of euthanasia in biomedical and Kantian ethics    M.Sc.    zahedi, mahdieh    2017-05-30
12    The Centrality of Law, Education and Justice in Plato's Political Philosophy    M.Sc.    Amjadi, Alireza    2017-05-30
13    The Impact of Philosophy and Greek Myths    M.Sc.    Tashakor, Hamed    2017-03-14
14    Kierkegaard and Nietzsche on happiness    M.Sc.    asadi, alireza    2017-02-22
15    Mulla Sadra & Heidegger On Knowledge    Ph.D    Parsa, Hossein    2016-12-20
16    Evaluation of Paul Ricoeur`s interpretive theory and the possibility of contextualizing it in the jurisprudential deduction    Ph.D    Kazemi, Alireza    2016-10-23
17    The lnfluence of Zoroaster's Doctrines on nietzsche's Thought    M.Sc.    hozhabri ebrahimabadi, mahbobe    2016-06-12
18    A Critical Study of Hawking's Theory on the Beginning of Creation from the Philosophy of Mathematics' Point of View    M.Sc.    zia tohidi, reza    2016-05-10
19    Anti-Reasoning in Postmodernism (Lyotard ,Foucault) and It's Fondations in the Nietzsche's thought    M.Sc.    heidari bab dahoei, hosein    2016-03-08
20    A Study on the Human Free Will in Transcendental Theosophy and Cognitive Neurosciences Concentrated on Mulla Sadra and Gazzaniga Viewpoints    Ph.D    rasuli, zahra    2016-02-07
21    The Philosophy of Environment from modern Philosophers (Descartes and Heidegger),Islamic Philosophers(Molla sadra).    Ph.D    minakhani, fatemeh    2015-12-27
22    Individuality from Heidegger, Sartre and Dostoyevsky's Viewpoint    M.Sc.    beik mohammadloo, ali    2015-12-22
23    Kierkegaard and Hassanzadeh Amoly on Self Realization    M.Sc.    mohammadi, sima    2015-12-22
24    The Analysis of the Role of Hermeneutical Circle in the Transcendental Theosophy    Ph.D    mokhayeran, husain    2015-05-25
25    Martin Heidegger: HOLDERLIN'S HYMN ''THE ISTER''    M.Sc.    bakhtiari, mahsa    2015-05-12
26    The influences of humanestic approach on the Muslim neo thinker`s theoology( soroush & shabestari)    M.Sc.    mohammadi, hossein    2015-05-12
27    Body-mind realationship in Aristotle and Avicenna's philosophy    M.Sc.    moayyed, maryam    2015-05-05
28    relation between reason and religion on the basis of philosophical hermeneutics    M.Sc.    Najafzade Tehrani, Mohamad Hasan    2015-04-21
29    Philosophical Foundations and Challenges between Hermeneutic's of Dilthey and Gadamer on: Objectivity, Method and History    M.Sc.    monzavi kushk abad, yousef ali    2015-03-17
30    A Critical Study on Definition and its Rules in Islamic Logic and Philosophy    M.Sc.    farashiani, zahra    2015-03-17
31    feminine approach to environment    M.Sc.    mirshekar tavil, anahita    2015-03-14
32    Symbolism in Plato and Mulla Sadra, and its Ontological and Epistemological Bases and Implications    Ph.D    mohammadi mohammadiyeh, zahra    2015-01-17
33    The position of ubermensch in Nietzches thought    M.Sc.    dolat abadi, faramarz    2015-01-04
34    Translation of the chapter 1,2,3,4 from symbolic logic written by Irving m .Copi    M.Sc.    rezaneya, roya    2014-11-25
35    Things in themselves in Kant's philosophy and it's impact on German Idealism    M.Sc.    Sahebi Kalat, Ahmad    2014-11-18
36    Transcendent Theosophy and the Schools of Physicalism on Perception    Ph.D    salahshur, zohre    2014-04-21
37    The Process of Genesis and development of the Self or Personality in Ontologicl Philosophy of Mulla Sadra and Ontological Psychology of Rollo May    Ph.D    lal sahebi, tooba    2014-01-25
38    A Study On Understanding in Heidegger and Gadamer    M.Sc.    rahnamay rad, seyedeh mahboobeh    2014-01-22
39    : Nietzsche and Heidegger on poem    M.Sc.    Agheli, Maryam    2014-01-22
40    Wisdom in Rumi and the postmodern (Lyotard)    M.Sc.    rezvani nejad, seyede beheshteh    2014-01-22
41    A Critical Study on the Origins of Believe in Prim Matter    M.Sc.    azarboo, sattar    2014-01-14
42    -secular morality & religious moralit y on the muslim thinkers    M.Sc.    moghanian, mahbobeh    2014-01-07
43    Rationalism and Transcendence in Maimon\\\'s Philosophy    M.Sc.    shakeri, shahab    2013-12-10
44    Mulla Sadra & Leibniz On Knowledge    M.Sc.    parsa, hossein    2013-11-12
45    Monism in Mulla Sadra and Greek Philosophers (Pre- Socrates Philosophers)    M.Sc.    rahmani ghosooni, mahmoud    2013-10-29
46    A Comparative Study on the Relationship between Self and God according to Socrates comparing with Verses and Narratives    M.Sc.    naraghi, raana    2013-10-29
47    A Study on the Category of Change in MullaSadra and Heraclitus    M.Sc.    moshafi, mohammad sadegh    2013-10-15
48    Sight of Ibn Sina and Descartes about relation between soul and body with opinions of Allameh Tabatabai    M.Sc.    samiefard, sepideh    2013-06-11
49    Philosophy For Childeren    M.Sc.    nemati, elham    2013-06-11
50    The Relation Between Philosophy And Architecture: The Explanation Of The Necessity Of Philosophical Reflection In Architecture    M.Sc.    Mohseni, Ali Reza    2013-05-28
51    A Study on the Problem of Body-Mind Relationship according to Mulla Sadra and Property Dualism    M.Sc.    etefagh, afsane    2013-02-05
52    Plato on the Realation of Idoas & Natur    M.Sc.    SHOKARI, zahra    2013-01-22
53    Allame Tabatabai and Kierkegaard\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Views on Human Will    M.Sc.    tayebeh, shahverdian    2012-11-28
54    a comparative approach to ethic in Kierkegaard & Witgenstein    M.Sc.    jamily, mohamad reza    2012-08-24
55    the social contract in Rousseau’s Thought and it’s relation to alienation    M.Sc.    tehrani, mohsen    2012-07-15
56    Descartes on: the Nature of Physical and Spiritual Substance    M.Sc.    zokhtareh, malihe    2012-04-21
57    A Comparative Study on Love in Molavi and Contemporary Schools of Mysticism (Rajneesh (Osho)).    M.Sc.    saedi, javad    2012-02-01
58    Edition, Investigation, and commentary of the manuscript copy of the Sawad al_ain fi hekmat al_ain by Shams al_din khafri    M.Sc.    fathi telgerd, ali    2011-06-22
59    Critique of humanism in Nietzsche philosophy    M.Sc.    shorvazi, hossein    2011-05-17
60    subjectivity from viewpoint of kierkegaard and jalaluddin rumi (Mawlana)    M.Sc.    Ostadi, Oveys    2011-04-19
61    A Comparative Study of Avicenna and Early and Later Wittgenstein’s views on subject, problems, method and end of philosophy    M.Sc.    Bigham, Fateme    2011-04-18
62    Heidegger Perspective on Episteme : Second Copernican Revolution    M.Sc.    saeedi, farideh    2011-03-08
63    Russell and Quine :On Meaning and Referring    M.Sc.    taraghi oghaz, amir ali    2011-03-01
64    A Comparative Study on Soul and Conscience, according to Descartes and Freud    M.Sc.    zarghami, fateme    2011-01-14
65    A Comparative Study on Good, Knowledge and Beauty    M.Sc.    mohammadi, zahra    2010-09-28
66    A comparative study of kant and Mulla sadra,s view on the nature of soul and reason    M.Sc.    lalesahebi, toba    2010-05-12
67    A comparative study of Kant and Farabi`s views on the virtue,felicity and perfection    M.Sc.    farokhzadegan, mahin    2010-05-11
68    Logical Atomism Wittgenstein and Russell    M.Sc.    qorbani dizavand, moslem    2010-05-03
69    A Critical Study of Secularism Foundations and it‘s Relation to Islam    M.Sc.    garmroodi, mahboobe    2010-02-09
70    A Comparative Study on Skepticism in Motahary and Lyotard`s works.    M.Sc.    aghdaki, hamzah    2009-12-22